Apart from the custom-made software, Developer Tribe has circulated the following self-administered applications for Windows Desktop and Windows Phone.


Systimizer - System Cleaner and Internet Optimizer

With its small footprint, robust scanning and novice-friendly interface Systimizer is Developer Tribe's premier PC junk cleaning, system and internet optimizing tool. It examines Windows PC for registry errors, undesired junk files, fragmented registry hives and disordered system & internet settings. As an all-rounder Systimizer also encompasses a System Booster feature, which amplifies computer performance at once.

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Registry Recycler

Registry Recycler - Free Registry Cleaner

Registry Recycler is a key product initiated and operated by Developer Tribe. It is a free registry cleaner, designed to systematically scan your registry and sniff out the errors in the form of corrupt or invalid registry entries. Registry Recycler is a multi-functional application, which also specializes in accelerating your PC operations through the tools like, Startup Management, Registry Defragmentation, and Scheduled Scanning.

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Best Vines

Best Vines - Watch funniest vines on Windows Phone

Best Vines is a Windows 8 Phone application placed under the Entertainment category. It is free to download and lets you watch funny videos directly on your phone. The application contains quality multimedia content and has the ability to play in high definition. Video database of Best Vines is continuously accumulating over the time. You can comment, like, and share these exciting videos with your friends.

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Dots Multiplayer

Dots Multiplayer - Game that Connects dots Joins people

Dots Multiplayer is a fun and highly addicting game designed for Windows Phone, which involves a player to join the identically colored dots and score points with each correct connection. It comes with a completely new multiplayer option that brings multiple players together and allows them to compete against each other. Still think dots are just sentence stoppers? Download Dots and witness your world just begins.

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